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Hi guys!

Really sorry for dropping off the face of DA. I've been very busy with school, work, and other projects that I have not had time to continue writing here lately. Hopefully you'll see a piece from me every now and then. I just purchased a writing app. I love making up stories using a few random ideas tossed at me. So look for that.

Anyway on to my main point. I'm considering changing my DA name to the name of my pony, Lovinity Hearts, given I'm most active in the Brony community than in any other internet community. It would be easier for others to identify me by her name rather than infinitelove143. What are your thoughts?
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Hi guys!

Really sorry for dropping off the face of DA. I've been very busy with school, work, and other projects that I have not had time to continue writing here lately. Hopefully you'll see a piece from me every now and then. I just purchased a writing app. I love making up stories using a few random ideas tossed at me. So look for that.

Anyway on to my main point. I'm considering changing my DA name to the name of my pony, Lovinity Hearts, given I'm most active in the Brony community than in any other internet community. It would be easier for others to identify me by her name rather than infinitelove143. What are your thoughts?
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Taken from the show's website at… :

The Wonderbronies is a new Brony show hosted by Lovinity Hearts and The Brony Critic. It is set to begin with a pre-season episode on February 15th at 8pm EST, and then weekly shows starting one week before the Season 5 premiere of MLP, sundays at 8pm EST. On the show, we will be giving in-depth reviews and critique on My Little Pony episodes. But not only that, we will also be reviewing and critiquing some of the Brony works as well, from fanfics to animations to art and more. We will also be inviting some famous Bronies on the show as well as some Bronies looking to just get some exposure. And finally, we will be playing Brony music, both popular and ones deserving a listen to.

The show will be hosted on a Google Hangouts which will be streamed live through Lovinity Community radio. This allows others to request to, and be, a guest on the show fairly easily. In addition, our past episodes will be available for listening from our website or from a podcast feed. Also, our radio track requesting system will allow you to request Brony tracks you want to hear during our show on our website. And finally, we will allow Bronies and Brony organizations to correlate with us and have underwriting during the show for a small donation to support the radio station. This will allow Bronies to get more exposure, whether it'd be for their music, services, cause, or just them in general. And in return these donations will help us keep the website and radio running.

Be sure to check it out! I am hosting this show and it will be co-hosted by my friend, the Brony Critic / Film Reel. It's already gained some attention from Bronydom Network and Equestria Daily, with hopes of getting attention also from MLP Forums, Legends of Equestria, the Squares, and Ponyville Live.
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     "Turn off the light," my husband said to me as we both prepared for a relaxing night's sleep upstairs. Not knowing what his intentions were, I reached over to grab the lamp to turn it off. At that moment, my husband tickled me in the ribs suddenly, causing me to let out a loud squeal as I fall over on top of her. Getting a kick out of my reaction, my husband laughed rather loudly. Eventually I joined him in a small chuckle.
     "You know we don't have time to be playing around," I finally mentioned, "at the current rate, we're only going to get 5 hours sleep. We have a big day tomorrow."
     "Don't worry sweetie," my husband tried to assure me, "my brother will be fine living with his two sisters."
     "I don't know," I replied, grabbing the towel that was on the night table and using it to wipe my face clean of the remaining shower water running down from my hair. "Your brother seemed to take the death pretty hard."
     "He'll get over it quickly," he replied, cuddling me in his arms. "It may take him time. But he'll get over it."
     "I sure hope so," I said, finally releasing myself from his grasp and settling in for the night.

     Meanwhile 6 hours west, where my husband's brother now lived, his family and he was just finishing up dinner.
     "Mmm you're such a wonderful cook," one of his sisters said.
     "Well, I'm... no pro," he began, "but thank you."
     "No pro? You should seriously-"
     "Wait!" his other sister interjected. "I dare you to make a slow-roasted turkey glazed with ham."
     "Hmm..." his brother thought, "I never did that before, but okay."
     So while the sisters settled in the living room to watch sad TV shows, the brother prepared to slow roast a turkey in the oven overnight. His hungry cat came in the room and started meowing in a demanding tone, begging for some turkey.
     "I can't feed you the turkey now kitty," he replied, "it has to cook first."
     Hearing this, the cat got all manic and quickly pounced into the living room, attacked one of his sisters, and viciously clawed and bit her neck. This caused her head to pop off and for her to die.

     Several days passed by before anyone knew about what happened. In fact, it was several days before the brother even called my husband to speak about funeral plans. And when we found out she had died, all hell broke loose. My husband and I sobbed so hard that our internal guts crept up our throats and we vomited them out, resulting in our death. When the brother found out we had died, he called for a sacrifice of his soul so that I could live again to tell this story. 
Quickwrite 4: Crying Our Guts Out
Here's another quickwrite using random inspiration from a writing app (as indicated by the bold statements). This one came out quite... weird lol.
Hi guys!

Lately I've been feeling a little down but still doing alright. I mean the usual is there but I've lately been really thinking about my talents. I want to get my pony, Lovinity, out there and involved in the community a lot more than she is (such as in stories, comics, animations, role plays, mascot or role model maybe). She represents a dear trait of mine and that is the belief in infinite love. And I want her to be an influence in the community, spreading awareness of the power of unconditional love and friendship.

But sadly I'm not an artist, animator, musician, or popular public figure in the Brony community. The most fame I have in the community is for being one of the admins / team leaders for the Ponysquare role playing website and Bronysquare social networking website. Outside of that, I am not well known. Every project I've attempted gets little to no attention. I just don't have the talent to get things out there nor do I have the talent to be known.

...nor do I have the time or money.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me to help me get Lovinity out there in the Brony / Pony community (and even beyond that maybe)?
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Hi guys!

I'm looking for someone to commission to make me pony art. I'm looking for someone who can draw Lovinity (my pony) as an Equestria Girls character, and I'm also looking for someone who can draw her doing a sexy / flirty / cute but safe-for-work pose.

Contact me if interested. I will start my offer out at $5-$10 per picture depending on your quality. Contact me if interested.

This is Lovinity:  (thanks to the artist for the generous freely-given contribution)
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Patrick and Lovinity
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am Patrick Schmalstig. I'm about 5 feet 5 inches high, and weigh about 115 pounds (yes I'm skinny). I am a feminist. I'm not into the masculinity. Thus, and in addition to other things, I refer to myself as a Third Gender. I am a very high tech geek who runs an internet radio station (SEE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ID TO GO TO THE RADIO STATION WEBSITE :) ). I am very sensitive and emotional, and is also there for anyone who needs emotional support or just someone to listen. You may drop me a message or note if you'd like to talk with me. I respect everyone and what they go through. I've probably been there someway or another in most situations.

...oh and I'm very bubbly! XD

I live my life following one motto: Be Infinite Love. I think the world could use more love... a lot more love! My vision and dream is to show the world so much love... beyond what anyone could ever imagine!

My specialty in the art world is Poetry, mainly free verse. I also write prose. I usually write from the heart when I write poetry... it's not just some dumb words put on a piece of paper in a form... they have strong meanings behind them that can be unique to each reader. ...even the very very negative pieces have strong meanings behind them... so they're not necessarily written to scare people.

I sometimes give out llamas and points to those who interact with me.

Meaning behind my username and avatar: My username is infinitelove143. Being Infinite Love has been a motto I live by since my girlfriend opened me up into new spiritual dimensions. The number 143 represents the words "I love you". The avatar depicts the infinite love motto with a heart and the infinity symbol under it. The symbols are inside a tear drop, which the tear drop symbolizes refreshment, renewing, purity, pure of heart. The tear drop has a rainbow fog behind it, which represents the 7 basic chakras in order from bottom to top (Red: stability. Orange: Pleasure. Yellow: Abundance. Green: love. Blue: Communication. Violet: Intuition. White: Connection with the Spirit.). And the other colors and sparkles I added just for special effects !

Please check my works out and critique where possible. I highly appreciate that!

Lovinity with her cute mane/tail by infinitelove143

Facebook profile:… profile (need account to view):…


(Giggle) Well hello there sweet pea! I'm Lovinity Hearts, Patrick's companion out to spread some wonderful cozy warm infinite love. It is our destiny to show the world the power of love... for love can make anything better. Am I right (giggle)?

We are both here for you if you need someone to talk to. I also do role plays on! If you'd like to talk to me, just call my name when messaging to infinitelove143. I'd be happy to cuddle... I mean happy to talk with you... (giggle)!

My full profile is here:
Lovinity Hearts Canon Profile---LOVINITY'S PROFILE EDITED JUNE 5 2013---
Name: Lovinity Hearts
Sex: Female
Age: Filly
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Pink
Coat: All-Maroon body with red shoes
Mane/Tail: Maroon / moderate-red-stripped flame-like mane. Maroon/moderate-red-twirled rounded thick tail... long but not touching ground.
Physique: Her size is about 15% smaller than most fillies her age. Normal weight for her size and type. Wing Power:3.1 in average flight. Up to 10.5 max speed.
Residence: CloudsDale
Occupation:Main: Being personal love and support to other ponies. CloudsDale: Clearing clouds away and bring out the sun for places too wet, and bring about a refreshing rain to places too dry.
Cutie Mark:
*DESCRIPTION: Red heart with a glowing golden infinity symbol under. The end of the red heart's point connects in-between the two circles of the infinity symbol.
*MEANING: Infinite Love
Lovinity had entered into a period of sadness about not knowing what her destiny was as a younger filly. O

There, my history, my basic characteristics, my cutie mark info and meaning, and a description of my personality can be read. It's too long to put here on DeviantID (giggle)!

Take care loves!

Journal History

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LeonaGheringer Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Holey crud sauce I'm so sorry for dropping off the face of the planet with you the last few months. School was a lot more taxing than I thought and summer hasn't been much better. I have however finally been able to do some work on the Equestria girls version of Lovinity Hearts. This is the sketch for you to check out before I continue if you even want me to continue at this point. I fixed her boots and used a few more references to get proportions and stuff closer to right. I hope you like it and you can either reply to this comment or note me with feedback.

Again I'm so sorry for the long wait.
infinitelove143 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
*gasp* OMG she's sooooooo adorable <3 I like it just like that :) Feel free to continue. Great sketch!
LeonaGheringer Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
It was exactly as I feared. The colors look too close to the same despite looking different off paper. Here's the picture completed anyway. You can post it if you want, and I named the colors used as well as put them in the corner on the picture in the file. I really hope it is to your liking despite the technical difficulties.

Lovinity Hearts colored by LeonaGheringer
infinitelove143 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Aww despite the set backs, she's still very adorable <3 You did a great job Leo!
(1 Reply)
LeonaGheringer Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I'm glad you like it. I've colored it with color pencils, I'm a little upset though because the colored pencils I used ended up being close to the same colors from the looks of it. I used two different shades of pink for the eyes and the skirt, and a red and a berri color for the skin and hair. I also used yellow for the broach and cutie mark. I'm hoping the photo looks better than it does in the light I have in this room. I'm just waiting on my phone to stop charging so I can snap a photo. I left the shirt white for contrast.
BrokenAngelicSoul Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry that I'm late on this dear but Happy Birthday!! :glomp:
infinitelove143 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
lol it's no problem. Thank you <3
BrokenAngelicSoul Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D <3 hope you had fun
infinitelove143 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
hehe I did
(1 Reply)
Th3L00n13P0n3 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! :airborne:
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