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Hi guys. Quick update.

First off, there will be no new Leon's Portal chapters no deviations from me for another week due to some things I have to get done.

Secondly, I just want to say I really wish I could go back in time a couple years and still have the friendships I had in the past here on DeviantART and on Skype. I miss those times. But sadly they are now gone and I don't really have any truly close internet friends... except maybe one but even he and I don't talk as much anymore.

Good times must come to an end I guess.


Hi guys. Quick update.

First off, there will be no new Leon's Portal chapters no deviations from me for another week due to some things I have to get done.

Secondly, I just want to say I really wish I could go back in time a couple years and still have the friendships I had in the past here on DeviantART and on Skype. I miss those times. But sadly they are now gone and I don't really have any truly close internet friends... except maybe one but even he and I don't talk as much anymore.

Good times must come to an end I guess.
Hey guys!

If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to check out my new story WIP called "Leon's Portal". I have chapters 0.1-0.5 published on my DeviantART (please read in order or you will not make sense of it. Each chapter part is quite short and only takes about 5-10 minutes to read depending on your speed.).

The story is about an original My Little Pony character who somehow ends up on Earth because she feels both Earth and Equestria is in grave danger. The story is labeled as science fiction, but to be honest, the story has elements of non-fiction in it as well. Consider it a "fiction meets non-fiction" type of story.

I unfortunately can't release any more details about this story at this time because I like building mystery and suspense in my readers... so I'll only tell what has already been released in the stories. So please do check it out.

This story will be in direct connection with the role playing universe I am constructing and will eventually have a website for ( ) . Canon role plays that happen on that site will become a part of the actual story.

Due to deviation limits in some of the groups on DA, I do not think I'll release any more parts of this story for another week.

Also I want to stress the following: Even though the origins of this story are from the My Little Pony Universe, this story is not a Brony story, nor will the Leon's Portal RP Universe be a brony/MLP universe. The universe / story will incorporate several fictional universes. Again, it's a "fiction meets non-fiction" story.
(please read chapters 0.1-0.4 first)

(The following takes place in a dream that the girl [we now know she's Lovinity as a human] was having as she slept on the couch in the radio studio.)

Lovinity found herself in Equestria as her pony form. She was on the outskirts of the Everfree forest, a dense vegetation area that is also known to be somewhat dangerous. Lovinity took a nervous gulp as she gently parted the thick leaves so she could enter, being careful not to step on any foreign plants that may have poison in them, even though she had her horse shoes on. Slowly she entered the forest, hearing a few sounds of far-away creatures among the otherwise silent air.

After a long 5 minutes, she ran into whom she was looking for: Queen Chrysalis.
"Q-queen?" Lovinity asked out softly. Queen Chrysalis turned around and chuckled as she saw lovinity, rather small compared to her.
"Well well well who do we have here?" Queen Chrysalis asked with a smile. "Are you going to be a tasty meal for my hive of hungry changelings?"
"Y-yes," Lovinity replied nervously. Queen Chrysalis was thrown a little off-guard by Lovinity's submissiveness. She wanted a little resistance from her, but wasn't getting it. Even more so, Lovinity smiled at Queen Chrysalis as if she was wanting to offer herself as food to the hive. "I just need a special favor from one of your changelings," Lovinity added.
"A favor?" Queen Chrysalis asked, laughing. "Changelings don't do favors."
"Please hear me out," Lovinity tried to assure her. "If one of your changelings does a favor for me, I will make sure your changelings don't starve from lack of love. No fighting, no resistance, just love. I know what it was like for your hive to go through what happened way back at the royal wedding. I bet they're starving right now, if not already mostly dead. I didn't agree with what the others did by banishing you out. I knew deep down you and your hive just needed some love. And I have what your hive needs."
Queen Chrysalis thought long and hard about Lovinity's offer, and then sighed, realizing Lovinity was right about her hive being in terrible condition.
"Very well, young one," she began, "I will accept your offer under one condition. You will come here to the Everfree once every month to feed my subjects with your limitless supply of love. Otherwise, we will find you and get it ourselves. And it won't be a pretty sight if we have to hunt you down."
"Deal," Lovinity responded with a smile.

The dream fast-forwarded in time.

Now Lovinity and one of Queen Chrysalis' changelings were inside Lovinity's room. Lovinity grabbed a quill and paper, sitting down and thinking long and hard about what to write. She looked at the changeling as she thought.
"What do you think I should write?" she asked the changeling, "this is a very tough thing for me to do. But I need to do it for the safety of Equestria."
The changeling responded with a series of bug-like chirping.
"Right, I forgot, you changelings don't really know anything about love and companionship because you weren't shown it." She patted the changeling affectionately on its head.
After about an hour of thinking and writing, Lovinity finally had a note written, which she placed on the night table. She then pet the changeling again before she left her room, leaving the changeling behind in it.

The dream went forward some more in time.

Lovinity was now in the Badlands of Equestria, walking through the empty abandoned area of cliffs and rocks.
"this place seems unusually quiet," she thought to herself.

Looking around she spotted what she was looking for off in the distance... a blue portal. She got closer to the portal slowly and cautiously, noting it was perhaps too quiet and that it was unusual for the portal to not be guarded by ponies or creatures of any sort. She was about 20 feet away now when she began hearing a familiar voice.

"Oh Lovinity?" the voice said.
"Heart Container?" Lovinity asked, recognizing the voice. "Heart Container, where are you?!" she shouted, hoping she was nearby, but she didn't appear. Instead, the voices continued.
"I have some very exciting news, cherry butt!" the voice of Heart Container announced. "Our dream of having family will be true!"
"R-really?!" Lovinity said excitedly as she got closer to the portal, now only 10 feet from it. "Blueberry butt, where are you? I wanna see you."

At that moment, the blue portal began showing Lovinity a scene. It was her room, with 'Lovinity' on the bed and that note she wrote previously appearing on the night table. Heart Container entered the room.
"Lovinity, wake up sleepy head," Heart Container said in the scene. "We made breakfast."
Lovinity in the Badlands couldn't help but to sit and watch the portal in fear as she saw Heart Container in the scene shaking 'Lovinity' on the bed to try and wake her up.
"Come on Lovinity, you know you love muffins," Heart Container said. She then went over to the night table, which had a candle lamp on it, initially to light it, but then spotted the note. "Hmm, what's this?"

"No, please stop now," Lovinity in the badlands said in fear, trying to jump into the portal so she could get her task over with and wouldn't have to see the rest. But she passed right through, falling on the ground on the other side, still seeing the scene play. "Please no. Don't read it my love. No!" She begged, hoofing at the portal to try and disrupt it. But it was no use. Lovinity watched the scene as Heart Container's expression turned to that of shock and terror.

"L... Lovinity?" Heart Container asked softly, putting the note down and looking at her on the bed. "Lovinity! Please no don't tell me this is true! Wake up!" she said desperately, shaking Lovinity violently on the bed as tears began streaming down her face. "WAKE UP, DAMN YOU!" she shouted, slapping Lovinity's face, hoping to get her out of any spell she might have been in. But she didn't respond.

Meanwhile, Lovinity in the Badlands watched as the scene unfolded in front of her, feeling darkness and heart break over-taking her. She collapsed on the ground into a hard cry.
"Nooo what have I done? What have I done?! WHAT HAVE I FUCKING DONE?!" Lovinity screamed out as the fabric of the dream started collapsing. Her surroundings faded away and scenes floated by, such as Heart Container turning insane as a result of the death... Bluefire mentioning "We did everything for you only for This?! You'd have a family, and you left us! What kind of mother are you?" And finally the scenes faded out and there was nothing but black, Queen Chrysalis' laugh very faint in the background and growing louder as she appeared in Lovinity's mind.

Queen Chrysalis then spoke. "You... a pony who follows the motto of infinite love? I think not."

At that moment the dream ended sharply with a loud bang, causing Lovinity the human on Earth to jump up screaming and then breaking down in tears. I quickly ran out of the Engineering room and sat on the couch beside her, holding her tightly in my arms as she cried.
"Sweetie, what's wrong?" I asked her in deep concern. "Please tell me, Lovinity."

(To be continued in chapter 0.6)
Leon's Portal Prologue Chapter 0.5
As the girl, whom we now know is Lovinity, rested on the couch from exhaustion, she had a traumatic dream that sent her waking up screaming in tears.
(Please read chapters 0.1-0.3 to make sense of 0.4)

It was no more than three minutes after I called the Student Health center when a nurse came down to the radio studio with a blood pressure thing and a few other basic medical tools. I stood by the girl as the nurse put the blood pressure cuff on her arm and began measuring her blood pressure and pulse. It was unusually quiet in the studio as the nurse did so, but good news came about.

"Her blood pressure is a little high but is still alright," the nurse stated. She then gently nudged the girl to try and wake her up.
She uttered a coo and slowly opened her eyes.
"Hi there," the nurse said. "I'm one of the nurses from campus. I just need you to open your mouth so I can check your temperature. Your friend was worried and wanted me to check your vitals to make sure you're okay. You seem to have passed out on the couch."
She nodded and opened her mouth for the thermometer. Gently the nurse inserted it in her mouth and under her tongue, quickly getting a reading. "Normal," the nurse declared.

"Hmm what do you think is going on?" I asked the nurse.
"She seems alright," the nurse responded as she packed up her supplies. "She's probably dehydrated or has low blood sugar. She should get plenty of fluids and should eat a snack."
"What would you like?" I asked the girl. She looked at me with a mischievous but very tired grin.
"You~" she responded softly. I must have blushed fifty shades of red after that remark.
"Uh... I meant food. If you ate me, you'd be a cannibal," I chuckled.
"Muffin?" the girl asked me.
"Sure, I'll get you a muffin and a big thing of cold water. What kind of muffin?"
"A... Patty muffin?~" she smirked again.
At that point I hid my face and squeaked out "Stawp teasing me!" My assistant was getting a laugh out of what she was doing.
"She's pretty funny when she's not fully focused," he noted.
"Maybe you just want me to grab the least popular muffin then hmm?~" I teased back to her.
"Berry muffin's fine," she replied.
"Damn you girl," I said quietly under my breath with a chuckle as my blush faded.

I went down to the cafeteria to get her a muffin and water and returned. She guzzled down the water fairly quickly.
"Gees hon don't drink it so fast or you may get sick," I smiled at her.
"Don't worry, I can stomach quite a bit," she assured me. "But can you do me a favor?" she asked as she reclined back on the couch.
"What is it?" I asked, looking at her tired eyes.
"Bring your Lovinity plush out here," she requested. And so I got it out of my office.
"Set the plush down and look carefully in my eyes," she then told me. I put the plush on the table and then looked in her eyes.
"Well your eyes are an unusual but very pretty shade of pink," I noted.
"Now look closely at my hair," she instructed. I looked at her hair. It was sort-of brunette but more like maroon. She had streaks of slightly lighter red in her hair as well.
"Now look very very carefully at my skin and the color tint," she requested. I got close to her arm and intently looked at her pale skin. It took me a while to notice, but after very close inspection, she had a very slight tint of red in her skin.
"Now I want you to look at the Lovinity plush," she stated, pointing to it.
I picked up the plush and looked at it, and then looked at her, and then back at the plush, comparing the features I've observed. Then it dawned on me. My heart suddenly sped up as I uttered a gasp.
"No, you can't be!" I said in dis-belief. She smiled.
"But I am... I am who you think I am."
"No! This can't be! That's impossible!" I declared.
"Shhh," she tried to calm me down. "After you learn what I have to tell you, it will all make sense. But for now, I need rest badly."

(to be continued in Chapter 0.5)
Leon's Portal Prologue Chapter 0.4
In this part of the prologue, it dawned on me who the girl was, but I was reluctant to believe it was real.
(Please read chapters 0.1 and 0.2 first to make sense of chapter 0.3)

As the girl was about to tell me what she was going to tell me, she got interrupted by an alarm from her skirt pocket. She pulled out her phone and looked at it.
"Grr," she uttered. "I-I'm sorry I have to go, this is urgent."
"What did you want to tell me?" I asked.
"No time. I'll find you later." She quickly got up and kissed my cheek as quick as a flash of light, causing me to blush deep. But before I could react, she had her book bag on and had already scurried off.

Damn. That was a huge disappointment. I was so wanting to know what she knows that I apparently don't. It seems to be something of great importance. Plus her leaving me kept the thoughts on my mind. How did she know my name? How did she know Lovinity? Why did she "test" me on my knowledge of Lovinity? What the heck is going on? Is she trying to play a game with me? ...and why did she kiss my cheek?

Nevertheless, I grabbed my plush and sighed, headed down back to the radio studio. When I got there, it was empty except for the DJ who was about to go on the air. Even my other friend had left by then. So I entered my office and sat down to begin work on a new program for the station.

That's when my assistant came in the office.
"Hi Pat!" He said cheerfully as I got distracted from my intent working on the program.
"Ah, hi there. How are you?" I asked him.
"Good good. What's new?"
"Well, I met a new woman I never seen around before and she looks very familiar despite me not knowing her."
"Oh? What is her name? Maybe I've seen her around in class."
"I'm unsure. She had to go when we were introducing each other. But what was weird was she already knew my name."
"She did? Sure it wasn't a classmate from high school or something?"
"I doubt it. I've never seen her around."
"She also had converse sneakers on that had the same symbol as my pony's cutie mark?"
"The heart and the infinity sign, you mean?"
"Is it a common symbol that represents something?"
"Not really. I've never seen it until after I made it," I chuckled.
"Wow. Couldn't tell you Pat. She must be stalking you or something," he laughed.
"Nah, I have no clue honestly how she knew me. She seems very familiar though... not in appearance but just overall vibe."
"Oh? Well who does she remind you of?"

Suddenly, I started hearing beeping sounds from the radio transmission... but they weren't the kind of beeps one hears from the Emergency Alert System. They were mediocre... as if sending some sort of secret message out on our air waves. First, I checked the automation system to see if maybe it was the song. When intelligently analyzing the VU meters, I determined the beeping was not coming from the track. Besides, Katy Perry's "Firework" doesn't have any beeping in it anyway. Next, I went to the studio to check on the DJ.

"Hey do you hear those beeping on the radio?" I asked the DJ.
"Yeah, it's not me," he stated, "I can't even go live. The computer keeps saying error when I try."
I called out to my assistant to check the database on the automation computer, which stores info regarding the system and any errors it encounters. At the same time, I searched the logs on the computer in the on-air booth, finding nothing along the way.
"Looks like everything's fine pat!" My assistant called out from the engineering room. "No errors."
"Hmm," I said. Then I instructed the DJ to manually shut off the automation channel on the mixer and just go live, which he did. But the beeps continued over his broadcast.

I decided to try and reboot the computer in the on-air booth, telling the DJ to speak for the next 10 minutes without computer use. Maybe there was a hidden app running on the computer which was causing the beeps to go through. But as I went into the menu, I found the shut down and restart options to be replaced with a strange symbol consisting of four red triangles... three on the outside and one in the middle. I tried clicking on them but they didn't do anything.

"What is going on?" I asked myself in a puzzle as I headed in the engineering room, only to find the same thing on the shut down and restart buttons on that computer as well.
In frustration, I hard-rebooted the computer by unplugging it and then plugging it back in.
"Maybe there's a virus going around," My assistant suggested as a possible cause. "You have back-ups right?"
"Oh yeah, last one though was a couple weeks ago," I replied. "Some of the music may get lost."

When the computer loaded though, it was locked. The screen was black with that same symbol covering the entire size of the monitor.
"This is not good," I said in concern. "I'm going to call security."
As I walked over to the phone and picked up the head set, the assistant announced to me that the symbol disappeared and the computer booted. I went over to it and found the options had returned to normal, and even the radio system had put itself in live mode. All I could do was stare at the computer in confusion. "What?"

As a precaution, I decided to immediately launch a virus scan on the computer. As it was running, I tried looking in other areas of the computer without executing anything to see if I could find the cause of what happened. Unfortunately, I was coming up empty handed.

About 15 minutes into the antivirus scan, I heard someone begin walking into the radio station panting loudly. I looked over to see it was that woman I had met. She seemed extremely weak and about to collapse.
"Oh my goodn- Assistant, help me get her on the couch to rest," I requested to my assistant as we both quickly got out of the office and in the lobby to help her to the couch. We grabbed her on each arm and gently carried her over to one of the lobby couches, laying her down on the couch. Almost immediately, she passed out asleep on the couch.

"This is the girl," I said to my assistant.
"The girl?" he asked for clarification.
"Yeah, the one I met who seems familiar but yet I have no clue who she is."

The GM at that moment opened her office door and stepped out in the lobby to see what was going on, asking "what happened?"
Claiming her as a friend of mine, I replied, "My friend here walked in and was about to collapse, so we helped her to the couch."
"You may want to get someone from the Health center to come up here to check on her," she recommended.
I nodded and called the health center while my assistant kept an eye on her out in the lobby.

"Student health this is Brenda how may I help you?" the woman on the telephone said.
"Hey we have someone in our office who collapsed on the couch from exhaustion. I don't think she's unconscious completely but she's deep asleep. We're worried about her."
"What's the room number?"
"018 Student Union."
"Alright I'll send a nurse up to check her vitals."
"Thank you so much."

(to be continued in prologue chapter 0.4)
Leon's Portal Prologue chapter 0.3
In this part of the prologue, a virus temporarily locks up the computers in the radio station. Later on after the computers were freed, the mysterious woman walks in and passes out from exhaustion on the couch.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am Patrick Schmalstig. I'm about 5 feet 5 inches high, and weigh about 115 pounds (yes I'm skinny). I am a feminist. I'm not into the masculinity. Thus, and in addition to other things, I refer to myself as a Third Gender. I am a tech geek. I am very sensitive and emotional, and is also there for anyone who needs emotional support or just someone to listen. You may drop me a message or note if you'd like to talk with me. I respect everyone and what they go through. I've probably been there someway or another in most situations.

...oh and I'm very bubbly! XD

I live my life following one motto: Be Infinite Love. I think the world could use more love... a lot more love! My vision and dream is to show the world so much love... beyond what anyone could ever imagine!

My specialty in the art world is Poetry, mainly free verse. I also write prose. I usually write from the heart when I write poetry... it's not just some dumb words put on a piece of paper in a form... they have strong meanings behind them that can be unique to each reader. ...even the very very negative pieces have strong meanings behind them... so they're not necessarily written to scare people.

I sometimes give out llamas and points to those who interact with me.

Meaning behind my username and avatar: My username is infinitelove143. Being Infinite Love has been a motto I live by since my girlfriend opened me up into new spiritual dimensions. The number 143 represents the words "I love you". The avatar depicts the infinite love motto with a heart and the infinity symbol under it. The symbols are inside a tear drop, which the tear drop symbolizes refreshment, renewing, purity, pure of heart. The tear drop has a rainbow fog behind it, which represents the 7 basic chakras in order from bottom to top (Red: stability. Orange: Pleasure. Yellow: Abundance. Green: love. Blue: Communication. Violet: Intuition. White: Connection with the Spirit.). And the other colors and sparkles I added just for special effects !

Please check my works out and critique where possible. I highly appreciate that!

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