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Hi guys!

I'm looking for someone to commission to make me pony art. I'm looking for someone who can draw Lovinity (my pony) as an Equestria Girls character, and I'm also looking for someone who can draw her doing a sexy / flirty / cute but safe-for-work pose.

Contact me if interested. I will start my offer out at $5-$10 per picture depending on your quality. Contact me if interested.

This is Lovinity: Lovinity hearts request by HekRex (thanks to the artist for the generous freely-given contribution)
  • Mood: Love


Hi guys!

I'm looking for someone to commission to make me pony art. I'm looking for someone who can draw Lovinity (my pony) as an Equestria Girls character, and I'm also looking for someone who can draw her doing a sexy / flirty / cute but safe-for-work pose.

Contact me if interested. I will start my offer out at $5-$10 per picture depending on your quality. Contact me if interested.

This is Lovinity: Lovinity hearts request by HekRex (thanks to the artist for the generous freely-given contribution)
  • Mood: Love
Selfie in my Kilt 2/2 Oct 30 2014 by infinitelove143
Selfie in my Kilt 2/2 Oct 30 2014
Here's my second selfie I took today in my black kilt. Do I look younger than I really am in this photo? I have no clue why but to me it seems the camera made me look quite young here. It's a tablet cam anyways, can't afford a good one right now.

But anyway, I love wearing my black kilt, my Nikes, and my black socks together along with some cool shirt (today it's my radio station shirt since I was helping at an event). I get compliments wearing it and honestly it makes me feel a little better about how I look.

Again sorry for the poor quality camera. And sorry if you were hoping to actually be able to see up my kilt hehe.
Selfie in my Kilt 1/2 Oct 30, 2014 by infinitelove143
Selfie in my Kilt 1/2 Oct 30, 2014
So I received a few compliments about how I look in my kilt, and honestly I don't know why but despite having bad thoughts about how I look, this kilt has somehow made me feel better in that regard. I love wearing my black kilt with my dark Nike shoes and my longish black socks.

So I thought I'd provide a selfie of myself in a kilt (and note... I rarely ever do selfies so consider this a special gift). Today I was helping a radio event so I had my radio station shirt on. I think it looks nice with the kilt though considering my kilt is black and the shirt is white with black sleeves. What do you think?

Anyway this is selfie 1 of 2 for Oct. 30. And sorry but I can't afford a good camera right now, so I just used my tablet.
I just don't like wearing pants nor shorts anymore when I go out places. Sure maybe in the freezing cold they come in handy to keep my legs warm, and also they prevent the ability for others to see my privates, but honestly for the most part they are annoying. They prevent my legs from getting the air they need, especially when I'm hot. They get in the way sometimes when I'm riding my bike (long pants get caught on the petals, and shorts hurt my upper legs if I happen to be sitting and pressing on the edges of them).
And don't get me started on underwear. They make my privates sweat, and it's just... uncomfortable. My you-know-what doesn't seem to want to stay inside my underwear... and often the underwear will move mostly over to one side, causing my you-know-what to dangle free and get caught.

So when I can, I don't bother wearing pants nor underwear anymore when I go out places. Instead I just wear my shoes, my shirt, and that black kilt I got that I think looks fabulous! (... and if you thought I went around naked, congratulations you are now a perv like me hehe.)

My legs and privates get the air they need. They don't sweat. And honestly my kilt (along with long black socks and my Nike shoes) for some reason is a confidence booster when it comes to my thoughts on my self-image. I feel a tad more sexy and I feel like I look a little better than I do in regular clothes. I dunno if it's true, but eh *shrug*.
  • Mood: Humor
What is intimacy like?
What does true intimacy feel like?
Is it magical? Is it heavenly?
Is it full of pleasure? Is it true and perfect?

What IS intimacy?
Have I sheltered myself off so much
that I have prevented myself
from experiencing such magic?

Have I got lost in the depths
of my sexual fears
and my psychological troubles
dealing with sex abuse?

Is it so much to ask for freedom?
Can I be free from insecurity?
Can I be free from not being confident?
Can I simply experience it?


I thought I was asexual.
That was a few years ago.
I didn't want anything to do with sex.
I just wanted to remain a virgin.

But now that I have been awakened,
now I know I'm a strong heterosexual,
now that I know I was only shoving it all aside,
what now?

Should I pursue it,
like many have suggested?
Should I go out there and explore
and see if there's a way to satisfy the need?

Or should I put it off?
Should I put it on the back burner,
focus on other things in my life,
and try to believe it is not a need?


If I do pursue, then what?
What do I do?
Where do I go?
How do I do it?

Am I good enough for another person?
Do I have what one looks for?
Am I sexy?
Do I offend?

Am I too limited to even carry out
such a magical dimension?
Am I too short on time and money
to try and invest in the experience?

Is it worth all the effort
to try and accomplish such wonder
while knowing of all the abuse
and mistreat that others gave it?


Whatever true intimacy is,
and however one achieves it,
it still remains
just a fantasy in my mind.

I read erotic stories
of true intimate couplings,
trying to grasp the experience
through the vivid details and emotions.

Oh, how I could desire
such a wonderful experience,
that I'd think about it every moment
and just wonder what it's like!

Is it all too much to ask for,
just to know what it's like
to create that bond
with another special person?

...maybe it is just something not meant for me in this lifetime.
Intimate Desires
This free-verse poem describes in a taste what wonders through my mind when it comes to the experiences of intimacy.

This poem was written from thought and was not revised. This was intentional.


Patrick and Lovinity
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am Patrick Schmalstig. I'm about 5 feet 5 inches high, and weigh about 115 pounds (yes I'm skinny). I am a feminist. I'm not into the masculinity. Thus, and in addition to other things, I refer to myself as a Third Gender. I am a very high tech geek who runs an internet radio station (SEE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ID TO GO TO THE RADIO STATION WEBSITE :) ). I am very sensitive and emotional, and is also there for anyone who needs emotional support or just someone to listen. You may drop me a message or note if you'd like to talk with me. I respect everyone and what they go through. I've probably been there someway or another in most situations.

...oh and I'm very bubbly! XD

I live my life following one motto: Be Infinite Love. I think the world could use more love... a lot more love! My vision and dream is to show the world so much love... beyond what anyone could ever imagine!

My specialty in the art world is Poetry, mainly free verse. I also write prose. I usually write from the heart when I write poetry... it's not just some dumb words put on a piece of paper in a form... they have strong meanings behind them that can be unique to each reader. ...even the very very negative pieces have strong meanings behind them... so they're not necessarily written to scare people.

I sometimes give out llamas and points to those who interact with me.

Meaning behind my username and avatar: My username is infinitelove143. Being Infinite Love has been a motto I live by since my girlfriend opened me up into new spiritual dimensions. The number 143 represents the words "I love you". The avatar depicts the infinite love motto with a heart and the infinity symbol under it. The symbols are inside a tear drop, which the tear drop symbolizes refreshment, renewing, purity, pure of heart. The tear drop has a rainbow fog behind it, which represents the 7 basic chakras in order from bottom to top (Red: stability. Orange: Pleasure. Yellow: Abundance. Green: love. Blue: Communication. Violet: Intuition. White: Connection with the Spirit.). And the other colors and sparkles I added just for special effects !

Please check my works out and critique where possible. I highly appreciate that!

Lovinity with her cute mane/tail by infinitelove143

Facebook profile:… profile (need account to view):…


Cutie Marks .net:…

(Giggle) Well hello there sweet pea! I'm Lovinity Hearts, Patrick's companion out to spread some wonderful cozy warm infinite love. It is our destiny to show the world the power of love... for love can make anything better. Am I right (giggle)?

We are both here for you if you need someone to talk to. I also do role plays on! If you'd like to talk to me, just call my name when messaging to infinitelove143. I'd be happy to cuddle... I mean happy to talk with you... (giggle)!

My full profile is here:
Lovinity Hearts Canon Profile---LOVINITY'S PROFILE EDITED JUNE 5 2013---
Name: Lovinity Hearts
Sex: Female
Age: Filly
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Pink
Coat: All-Maroon body with red shoes
Mane/Tail: Maroon / moderate-red-stripped flame-like mane. Maroon/moderate-red-twirled rounded thick tail... long but not touching ground.
Physique: Her size is about 15% smaller than most fillies her age. Normal weight for her size and type. Wing Power:3.1 in average flight. Up to 10.5 max speed.
Residence: CloudsDale
Occupation:Main: Being personal love and support to other ponies. CloudsDale: Clearing clouds away and bring out the sun for places too wet, and bring about a refreshing rain to places too dry.
Cutie Mark:
*DESCRIPTION: Red heart with a glowing golden infinity symbol under. The end of the red heart's point connects in-between the two circles of the infinity symbol.
*MEANING: Infinite Love
Lovinity had entered into a period of sadness about not knowing what her destiny was as a younger filly. O

There, my history, my basic characteristics, my cutie mark info and meaning, and a description of my personality can be read. It's too long to put here on DeviantID (giggle)!

Take care loves!

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